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Does anyone happen to know where I can find Repulsive desires Camp walls? I tried looking in her download section over at bps,but they are not there. Does anyone happen to have them?
Image of what they look like this was before she updated them with the missing panel

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This is my female sim Macy's living room what I have finished of it so far I'm liking the outcome.

This is Macy I know she isn't that great looking of a sim but she is unique in her own way

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Almost 45 minutes ago Grant accepted and answered alot of questions in regards to TS3 Late Night Here is what he has confirmed so far
1. Breast sliders,
2. apartments(?),
3. elevators,
4. Subways (We aren't sure, Either like a car or it is a rabbithole),
5. Shy trait and famous traits,
6. Actor and director jobs, '
7. getting Gigs for sims with bands,
8. Woohoo in hot tub and elevator,
9. Paparazzi,
10.Vampires die of thirst but, have plasma pack snacks,
11. FX machine spews snow fire glitter and bubbles,
12. The vampires are NOT like twilight,
13. Vampires don't eat they only drink,
14. You can live downtown,
15. vampires have powers,
16. new foods,
17. Down town doesn't have a name yet,
18. half walls & new building stuff,
19. Vampire children go to school during the day,
20. You can build stages and platforms,
21. new slides, Lots of nice hair and clothes,
22. Vampires have special skins that do NOT glitter,
23. We get coffin beds for vampires,
24. the form social group function is making a come back,
25. Updates to old rabbitholes,
26. film studios!,
28. Update on water graphics,
29. 3 new hot tubs,
30. sugar high?,
31. teens can go downtown,
32. you can have subways on your home lot,
33. Sims get mugged on sub-way,
34. New facial hair,
35. New music,
36. No DJ booths,
37. sub-way is free,
38. New muscle sliders for guys,
39. The weather down town during the day will be sunny,
40. pools on any terrain,
41. A few new celeb/band opportunitys,
43. New teen actor jobs only avalible for children of famous sims,
44. Something happens when vampires eat garlic (he won't say what it is though), 45. A few new tattoos,
46. different Drinks have different effects,
47. celeb jobs are different from regular jobs you have to act like a celeb,
48. foutain tool,
49. New pre-built houses,
50. darts, lot of new drinks,
51. band warm up,
52. you have to befriend vampires to be one,
53. there is a potion to stop being a vamp,
54. there are bouncers,
55. You can sneak past them,
56. If a vampire and a normal sim have a child there is a 50-50 chance it will be a vampire,
57. rounded pools,
58.shuffle board, fold up beds,
60. no micro phones
61. dance moves,
62. Butlers,
63. Romantic groups
64. Lots of nice hair and clothes,
65. Opportunities and scripted game-play are VERY scaled back in this EP!
66. Can Move Objects Up and Down Walls
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I am totally loving this tune at the moment then again anything with Karin Dreijer Andersson I love. atm I am ecstatic that Röyksopp is coming out with another album in September. Röyksopp is a Norwegian duo that are basically Trip hop,Downbeat,Electropop,Synthpop,House,Dance genre..
Röyksopp - What Else Is There?

The Orb

Jun. 28th, 2010 11:49 am
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My God many memories of taking lots of Trippy stuff that made lots of stuff move esp the walls

The Orb Little Fluffy Clouds(Danny Tenaglia's Detour Mix)

The Orb - Earth (Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld)

The Orb - Perpetual Dawn (Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld)

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Here is are a few vids for you all. These are just a few of my favorites
Aphex Twin Heliosphan.

aphex twin - come to daddy

Aphex Twin - Donkey Rhubarb

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Fucking Hell Someone find me a damn Time Machine so I can get stuck in the 80's I'd be so much happier there I could relive my demented youth all over again I fucking loved the 80's

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Just 2 tunes I absolutely love Talking Heads
Road to nowhere

Wild Wild Life from Talking Heads movie True Stories if you never seen this vid you will be shocked at some of the familiar faces that are in this

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I definitely disappeared for about a week I was reading the southern vampires series again I read all of 10 them in a week(more like 4 and half days) I go through books like crazy these are the books that true blood are based on. Ok so in book 10 Dead in the Family and there is a complete difference as Eric's creator was Appius Livius Ocella and in series 2 Eric's Master was Godric and he sacrificed himself to the sun in True BloodS2EP08 also in book 10 Eric's Creator had another that was Eric's brother his name was Alexei very confusing as I would have thought that they would have let that go until later in the series after the fairy war in book 9. I just hope that in this new season that we get to see Eric and Sookie bond more like they do in book 3 club dead. I am so hoping that it plays out that way. Maybe it is just me overreacting and reading to much into it. lmao Jeg dunno men som du kan trolig forteller jeg virkelig tror Eric og Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård er bare jævla hot sletten og enkel og jeg ville pule ham som det var ingen i morgen. Det er hans blonde hår,bleke hud og nordisk blå øine er ganske enkelt en felle for mig. Jeg bare virkelig finne skandinaviske menn svært attraktive og Eric og Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgårdis bare én av dem .Jeg kunne ikke hjelpe meg med dette siste setningen som norske er min ekte og det ikke så veldig fin ting jeg sa i det hehe ok vel noe av det er ikke så nice. If you are can speak Norwegian or read it then you will definitely know what I said or you can just translate it using a web translator to get the jist of it but I think it may come out all messed up and not give a very good translation.
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Oh man why can't they make music like this This tune is fucking Brilliant today's music just plain sucks The female guitarist is fucking epic @1min54 sec-2:00min and as a female guitarist myself I love it that she is so damn talented

Another one Tool The Pot

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Oh man I so hope a modder can alter this disaster so it isn't just Career focused with the fire fighter alone.

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Well the death by meteor is pretty damn awesome lol my sim met her fate with Death by meteor
I have to say I like this color ghost better then the fire ghost orange
Run Stupid Don't you see the huge shadow

Too late

Death it is like wtf now

My sim is all like NOOOOOOO

My Sim said screw this I'm going in my grave

Here is one of the outfits you get when you travel to the past.

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Here are 2 photo's of a meteor hitting down right next to my sims house it got my sim but luckily it didn't kill her though lol. She was just standing there then a pop up came up saying my sim was wondering why it got so dark all of a sudden and she kept looking and looking then started towering in fear lmao.

My Sims Sim Bot decided like 2 seconds after he was created to practice on the drafting table

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Listening to one of my favorite tunes. Every time Paul Van Dyk is in New York City I make a trip up there.I wish EA would start puttings tunes like this on the sims 3 soundtracks.
I particularly love these 2 songs just make you feel so alive

or even this tune

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Holy crap I am watching Doctor Who the tom baker years I haven't watched this in ages
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There are 24 photos posted I am really loving how spooky twinbrook looks with the fog in the marsh area

This is my fav pic so far it is just really creepy lol

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I have 10 DW invite codes if anyone is interested in one or knows someone would is interested in one just post up here
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Here are some new images from Ambitions you can see the Originals here [url][/url]

I spy with my little eye Shiny flooring .

Shiny Floors

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Here is a new Ambitions vid that was released it actually looks really promising. I am really looking forward to Ambitions release.
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What a royal pain in the ass this hair was to convert but, I finally managed it I am still debating on what to do with it though as the accessory isn't recolorable and the texture is a bit blah I tried retexturing it but failed :(
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